Portugal has its peculiarities and its specificities and the construction does not escape this rule.


Our experience in the management of construction sites in Portugal dates back to 1998. We have built villas and apartments in the mid-range segment and also in the segment of high standing.

We have some of the most exclusive villas in the western Algarve.


The good result of the management of a construction site results above all from the choice of the partners who will participate in the works but also from a careful preparation of each stage of the construction.


Our concept of site management is an adaptation of this service to the needs of the client. A personalized welcome in French is reserved for you. Bi national expatriates in the Algarve for more than 20 years we master perfectly both languages.


Your decision is made, you are curious to understand if this solution may suit you, you just have to push our door and we will discuss it together.

First of all you will have to choose a site that will fit your needs. In Portugal the construction is governed by urban planning rules which change according to the place or municipality.
We will assist you in the choice of your land by presenting you the different premises of our region and the land to be built available.


We will then introduce two architects, and we will have to choose one. We will accompany you throughout this stage by making the link between you and the chosen architect. We do not work with all architects but we certainly work with the best.


The choice of a good engineering firm is also particularly important. We advise to have an independent firm. We always work with the same firm which, if necessary, can provide you with a welcome in French.
Once the projects are completed (architecture and specialties) it will be time to meet the construction company.
Before drawing up a quote we will assist you in the choice of finishing materials (tiles, sanitary fittings, door frames, etc.). Once this selection has been completed, it will then be time to have a detailed estimate specifying the costs of each workstation.
This estimate is inherently very detailed in order to avoid price discrepancies during construction.


In Portugal the construction of a villa has an average duration of 12/14 months. This is due to the construction method or the supporting structures are made of reinforced concrete and must respect drying times but also to the fact that almost all constructions are still in traditional mode.


The management of the site is entirely carried out by our office. Knowledge of construction techniques coupled with a perfect knowledge of the various players are the guarantee of the realization of a construction without surprises.

For any information concerning the management of a construction site or if you have questions about the different stages of a project do not hesitate to contact us either by email or 


The construction company will insure you the legal guarantees stipulated by the Portuguese law.
To do this we do not work with all local construction companies. Our partner has a history and a reputation that are his best business card