According to the general rules applied within the EU, citizens must register their car in the country where they have established their main residence. Therefore, if you move to Portugal, you will inevitably face this question: How to register a UK car in Portugal ?


First of all we must inform you that you can carry out these steps alone but we advise you to use the services of a professional who will do all the steps for you at a generally affordable price.
A professional will avoid you many steps, movements and the problem of the language barrier.


The necessary steps and documents:
- Request the European Vehicle Manufacturer's Certificate of Conformity (certificate of conformity)
The European approval certificate (or certificate of conformity) is a document drawn up by all car manufacturers with a summary of the car's characteristics. You can ask your dealer for approval in the country of origin of the car. So if you have the option of requesting this document from your dealer in France, this will save you time.


- Technical Inspection of the Vehicle
To obtain the certificate of approval for the technical inspection, you must go to an authorized center (Centro de Inspeçao Técnica de Veiculos) and make an appointment for a technical inspection of your vehicle.
Most car dealers can deal with this inspection for you. They will check the vehicle and will present the vehicle to the control.
Of course you can deal with this control yourself.


- Request the Portuguese homologation of the vehicle from the IMTT (Instituto de Mobilidade e dos Transportes Terrestres - Institute for Mobility and Land Transport)
IMTT - Institute of Mobilidade e dos Transportes Terrestres
Av. Elias Garcia, No. 103
1050-098 LISBOA


- Legalization of the car with the Customs (Declaração Aduaneira de Veículo)
The legalization of your car with the Customs nearest to your place of residence must be carried out within a maximum period of 20 days after the vehicle enters the country. This legalization procedure starts with the establishment of the DAV (Declaração Aduaneira de Veículo).
During your trip to the Customs, you can simultaneously take care of the establishment of the AVD and the request for exemption from ISV ​​(Vehicle Tax). This can be a significant time saver.


- Application for exemption from ISV ​​(Vehicle Tax)
This tax is quite substantial. Portugal imposes harsh import duties on vehicles. So it's best to check if you can qualify for an exemption before you start the registration process for your car ...
The regime for the admission of traffic in Portugal to vehicles registered in other countries is regulated by D.L. n.º 264/93 de 30 de Julho and by Law No. 22-A / 2007 de 29 de Junho. These texts regulate the temporary admission of foreign-registered vehicles and establish the necessary conditions for a proper transfer of habitual residence from one EU country to another, while benefiting from An exemption from the tax on vehicles.
General rules for ISV exemption:

- Each person can apply to be exempted from ISV ​​on a single car and this once every ten years ...
- The application for exemption must be submitted within a maximum period of 6 months from the date of transfer of your residence to Portugal;
- The beneficiaries of the exemption can not transfer the ownership of the car (for no consideration or free of charge) within 12 months of the change of registration, under penalty of having to repay the entire tax.
- If the beneficiary transfers the ownership of the vehicle before a period of 5 years of the change of registration, a contribution proportional to the time missed will be applied at the time of the sale.


- The right to exemption is valid for 6 months. So you do not have to waste time getting the other documents you need to change your registration.


Once the DAV is established and the ISV set, you will then have a document with your new Portuguese registration. The final document that will be used to request from the TTII the issue of your certificate of registration must be available within a few days.


- Request the "Certificado de matricula e titulo de registo de propriedade" to the IMTT (Portuguese document equivalent of the Carte Gray)
To do so, it will be necessary to return to the IMTT with all the documents that make up the file.


- Registration of vehicle registration
To permanently register the registration and validate your file with the IMTT you must go to the Council